about costa rica

Costa Rica, which translates to the Rich Coast, provides much of the world’s bananas, coffee, and pineapples. With only 0.1% of the world’s landmass, it still contains about 1/12 of the world’s biodiversity. It is very common to run into any one of the four species of monkey found in Costa Rica. About 25% of the land area is protected by national parks. Costa Rica is a peaceful democracy and the first country in the world to abolish its army. It boasts a literacy rate of 96%, one of the highest in the world. Home to the friendly Ticos, a common phrase among locals is Pura Vida or the Pure Life. The atmosphere is welcoming and laid back, so be sure to leave your watch at home.

Villa de la Luna is located in El Ocotal of the Guanacaste Province, which occupies the NW corner of Costa Rica. Guanacaste offers one of the drier winter seasons and has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica. From December to April, we are likely to see little to no rain, whereas May to November offer consistent showers. The months where the rain is it’s heaviest is September and October.

Listed below are the activities, tours, and attractions available to you during your visit in Costa Rica. There is everything from a romantic sunset cruise, a unique beach barbecue on a private island, relaxing spa services and mud baths, to exciting canopy tours and rainforest hikes that are perfect for any adrenaline junkie.

arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the Central America and the Americas. From the observation point, you will feel the ground tremble and see the night sky explode with ash and lava in a natural display of fireworks. Explore the surrounding area and foot of the volcano while riding horseback during a guided tour. Finish this exciting day by taking a dip in the relaxing hot springs at the bottom of the impressive volcano.

palo verde national park

Palo Verde is rich ecosystem combining rivers, marshes, swamps, saltwater and freshwater lagoons, mangroves and dry forest. Scientists from all over the world come to study this wildlife sanctuary. Ducks, ibis, storks, and other water birds converge here, the single most important gathering place for waterfowl in Central America. Along this tour you could see howler monkeys, green iguanas, coatis, anteaters and crocodiles.

africa safari adventure

Enjoy the best of both worlds as you venture through a little part of Africa, right in the heart of Costa Rica’s West Coast. On this Safari, you’ll get the chance to see and feed giraffes, zebras, deer, wildebeest, and more animals native to Africa! After finishing the African Safari Tour, venture out on an ATV tour or even experience the waterfall tour! Finish this exciting day with the restaurant located on the Adventure Park property.

More activites

Costa Rica is filled with excursions and activities ranging from zip lining through the canopies and deep sea fishing trips, to relaxing in-house spa services and hot springs at the bottom of an active volcano. Can’t choose just one? Let our personal conceirege help you plan your activity schedule!