Why All-inclusive Vacations Are A Good Fit for Families

It can be difficult to plan a family vacation. How do you know which hotels are good enough? Are the swimming pools safe for the children? Is the food any good? So many questions that are hard to answer until you actually arrive, by which time it is too late if something goes wrong.

One option for families wanting to get away without this hassle is to book an all-inclusive villa. This means all your meals, cleaning, laundry, and more are taken care of, but you get the privacy not afforded to you in a hotel, and your family is the sole focus of the staff, rather than them having to look after hundreds of guests at once. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of renting an all-inclusive villa for your next vacation.


Have you ever had to wake up early on vacation in order to secure a lounge chair by the pool before the crowds arrive? It’s one of the most common problems to have on vacation and isn’t very relaxing! One of the biggest benefits of renting a private villa is that there’s no one else there to take up the chairs. You have 100% privacy to laze in until midday if you choose. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the kids getting into fights around the pool or your phone being stolen from your bag. In a private villa, it’s just you and your group of family and friends, with no surprises or invasions of privacy.

All The Amenities You Could Want … And More!

If you were to book a stay for your family at Villa Del Mar then you would be benefiting from a wide range of amenities, easily matching a top-rated hotel. Services and luxuries the villa comes with include king-sized beds, ocean views, three meals a day, an open bar, private pool, and hot tub, and the services of a dedicated on-site staff – a maid, cook, and concierge who will ensure you have no worries at all whilst on vacation. Even some top luxury hotels don’t offer this extensive range of services.


The benefits of booking a private all-inclusive vacation stretch further than just the trip itself. When booking at Villa Del Mar, you get even more for your money. Transfers to and from the airport at the start and end of your vacation are available for a low fee, so you don’t need to worry about booking taxis or shuttle buses. This ensures a hassle-free arrival and departure, no chance of a missed flight or lost suitcase. The team at Villa DelMar can also help you to book excursions during your stay to make the most of your stay. At Villa Del Mar, excursions that can be booked include deep-sea fishing, catamaran tours, and scuba diving. You’ll really get the most out of your Costa Rica vacation with some of these exciting activities.

Perfect for Families of All Ages

Sometimes it’s nice to travel as a large family. Maybe the grandparents want to come, or the young cousins. Booking hotels can be quite difficult with a large group, especially in peak seasons. This can lead to families having to stay in rooms at opposite ends of a hotel, or maybe even in a different hotel altogether! This is never the case when booking a private villa. Villa Del Mar sleeps up to 16 adults, meaning there’s plenty of space for anybody who wants to join you on vacation. Traveling with a group over 16? Let us know when submitting a reservation request!

destination wedding costa rica

Unforgettable Special Events

Are you getting married? Where better to tie the knot than in the stunning country of Costa Rica, surrounded by your close friends and family? With multi-villa deals you could house up to 30 guests in the two villas, getting married at the villa itself or on the beach nearby. An all-inclusive luxury wedding, what could be better? Click here to contact us for more information about getting married in Costa Rica.

Villa Del Mar doesn’t just cater to destination weddings. We’ll help you celebrate all of life’s most exciting milestones like anniversaries, engagements, retirement, birthdays, and more! 

When submitting a reservation request, be sure to make note of the upcoming event so our team can help you plan the perfect stay.

Booking a private, all-inclusive villa for your vacation has numerous benefits. Not only is it more private, safer, and less challenging, it also comes with a staggering array of amenities to ensure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Housing large groups of 16 comfortably also means that you can bring along as many friends and family as you like, perfect for a momentous occasion such as a destination wedding. Villa Del Mar is situated on the Pacific coast in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. This is one of the most sought after vacation regions in Latin America, with stunning beaches on their doorstep. The region is also the perfect gateway for exploring more of Costa Rica, including its amazing national parks and colossal active volcanoes. You can find loads more information about the fun and exciting adventures waiting for you in Costa Rica here.

We hope this was helpful! Interested in booking your next getaway at Villa Del Mar? Click here to see our availability and submit a reservation request to receive more information.

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